When you're expecting, choosing a pediatrician is an important part of raising a healthy and happy childCongratulations! When you're expecting, choosing a pediatrician is an important part of raising a healthy and happy child. At PineyWoods Pediatrics, P.A., we welcome you to browse our site to learn more about how we are keeping kids healthy!

We also recommend the following timeline as a planner for key health care decisions you can make for your child.

One to two months before your child is born: We encourage expectant parents to schedule a visit to our office. This visit provides expectant parents an opportunity to meet your physician and care team. It’s also a chance to tour our office and learn about our care philosophy. To schedule a consultation, call the office and tell the receptionist you want to “schedule a prenatal appointment.”

One month before your child is born: Install your child’s car seat. You will not be able to leave the hospital with your newborn without a safely-installed car seat. Please have your child’s car seat installed ahead of time so you aren’t caught in the hospital with the seat still wrapped in its box.

Two weeks to one month before your child is born: Register at the hospital. PineyWoods Pediatrics, P.A. is affiliated with both Nacogdoches Medical Center and Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. When you register at the hospital, please let them know the name of the pediatrician you selected if you’re unsure, just say “PineyWoods Pediatrics, P.A.” so that your baby will be seen by one of our physicians. You do not have to register your child ahead of time at PineyWoods Pediatrics, P.A.., but we do encourage a prenatal visit.

When your child is born: Your physician will follow your child's progress each day in the hospital. 

Please call PineyWoods Pediatrics, P.A. within the first week after birth to schedule your child’s first appointment. 

Add your newborn to your insurance. Most insurance plans require newborns to be added within 30 days of their date of birth. Please contact your employer’s Human Resources Department or your Insurance plan as soon as possible.

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